Our Featured Programs

Dental Cosmetic Program

Dr. Bader Al Ansari Dental Clinic ( Tamayouz Dental )in Kuwait , is different than other clinic in Kuwait due to its wide experience and the way the clinic deals with all cosmetics problems caused by various periodontal (gum) diseases. The clinic is well-known for treating the non-cosmetic situation caused by gum problem can be difficult to be dealt by other dental clinics these cases like, projected teeth , teeth have become with spaces, or teeth become long over time,etc.. Our strategy for advanced cases is developing a multi-disciplinary treatment plan for these cases to restore back their teeth health and beauty in a very cosmetic and esthetic appearance. In our clinic, more than 10,000 women and men we have managed and succeeded to restore their happiness and changed their lives again.

Periodontal (gum) Treatment And Dental Alignment Treatment Program

Teeth Alignment , always changes, especially for women, where she feels that her teeth arrangement have changed and become diverged (spaces) may be longer also and not anymore beautiful or attractive as it used to be. Our clinic is specialized in treating such conditions, which are often caused by a problem with the gums. Since the clinic is specialized in treating periodontal (gum) diseases and restoring dental beauty for them, whether by dental implants , or cosmetic methods like veneers, dental lenses, crowns and others. Dr. Bader Al-Ansari, Chief of Dentist and his associates dental consultant have used the state-of-the-art technology in this field to deal with this cases.

The Latest Technology For The Best Results

We are distinguished by using the state-of-the-art technology in the field of dentistry, such as the computer manufacturing devices for cosmetic dentistry, measuring devices, comprehensive three-dimensional X-ray examination, the use of lasers to treat periodontitis (gum problems), and other advanced state of art for treatments any changes in your smile with comfort and friendly environment with no pain and even in some cases without drilling teeth.

Special Programs for People after Forty years old

With age, periodontal (gum) problems increased and forty years and above especially when it is associated with systemic diseases like diabetes and others, the chance of gum disease increase. In addition to your attention to check your dental gum situation periodically or regularly with us. We also have special programs to deal with these cases that accompany aging, such as a change in the shape of teeth and changes in the gums and face profile, bad breath, gum bleeding and others. In general, our program dealing with it includes all treatment aspect like psychological, therapeutic and social aspects, in addition to understanding what the patient needs are. Dr. Bader Al Ansari and his associates have treated thousands of these cases, making their lives much happier, and they have gained beauty in their smile. We treat people where they cannot be treated anywhere else.

Hollywood Smile

We change the shape of the teeth to match celebrity smile with veneers on the teeth and installing dental contact lenses. New dental veneers without pain, drilling or anesthesia, changing the shape of the teeth for special occasions. The clinic’s team of doctors conducts an analytical study and develops an accurate visualization of changing the shape of the teeth where the reviewer can see its shape later after treatment.

Ceramic Fillings

Using advanced technology machines, Ceramic Fillings are ready in one hour. Using computers and CAD/CAM dentistry, has reduced the treatment steps to give the aesthetic shape of the teeth with ceramic or zircon, as well as taking measurement, and within two hours, one can get a final installation or covering one or more teeth

Laser Gum Therapy

Although dental lasers do not use for major gum problem, but as supportive therapy we use dental lasers for many treatment procedures especially in some gum treatment procedures , teeth whitening and other minor dental surgical procedures.

Immediate Dental Implants

There are many types of implants provided by the clinic, such as immediate dental implants and cosmetic dental implants. This development made dental implants an easy step without pain and with quick results.


Orthodontics we are using the latest transparent and fast methods , We have a selection of orthodontic consultants in our team providing all orthodontic treatments for all ages and achieving impressive results. Also, Invisalign and the transparent braces have become widely used in appropriate cases.

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